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HOW WE ALL WISH THE YOUNG JUSTICE FINALE WOULD HAVE GONE, AM I RIGHT, LADIES? (hint: the answer is yes. the answer to lesbians is always yes.)

Commission for the very generous robowolves, to whom I am eternally grateful for actually forcing me to sit down and finish a drawing of these two instead of giving up in tears and despair.

(commissions are still open, give me money and I will draw you lovely things)


That Dick/Zatanna and Artemis/Wally nonsense needs to GTFO, THIS is what I want to see in the series

Artemis and Zatanna being amazing girlfriends, making out, fighting crime and being fierce as fuck as amazing superhero lesbians <3

Because Artemis deserves SO much better than Wally

And because her and Zatanna would be the most amazing couple in the whole show together <3

I really do love this artwork of the two of them…the way Artemis’s fingers are teasing Zatanna’s hair, running through it like that…it’s SO cute and lovely :)

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    I choose to believe they totally get together in the season three that exists in my head AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL
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    Artemis and Zatanna are so beautiful together! Wally had no business keeping them apart!
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